Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Great Singapore Sale!! Ending 15 August !!

Hey Girls! Would like to thank you all for your great support during our last CNY and Valentines' Day Sale.. Thus, would like to announce that we'll be having our Great Singapore Sale Now!!

Take a browse through our products and pages to find a range of wonderful jewelry collection and you are sure to find something suitable. And here, we're doing our part by offering you some magnificent discounts!

1 - 2 items - 20% discount
3 items and more - 30% discount

Thursday, May 17, 2007

:: Euphrosyne :: (Closed)

The meaning of the name Euphrosyne is "Full Of Joy". Handcrafted with assorted pearls, shiny gold butterfly and gigantic black crystal. Euphrosyne is definitely here to shine!!

Haven been updating since Feb due to exams! Now that my studies are officially over i can finally commit my time to come out with new designs.. I shall do something different for the first time.. By holding an auction for this exquisite piece! To start bidding, send us an email, indicating your name and we would update on the website accordingly with regards to the latest bid. Each bid is an increase of $2. And the starting price for Euphrosyne is...... $5!

Hurry! Start bidding! Auction ends 27/5/2007 00:00 EST

:: Angelique ::


:: Romaine ::

$20 Shipped

:: Mégère :: (Sold)

$21 Shipped

Saturday, February 3, 2007

::Purely Pearls::

Aren't pearls beautiful? Don't we just love jewelry that serve 2 purposes? This pearl necklace could turn into a ring right away when the chain is removed. Specially chosen pearls of different shapes and colours. Size of ring is adjustable so no worries. Designer's favourite!! Exquisitely designed.
1 piece only!!


::Papillon:: (Sold)

Papillon means 'butterfly' in French. Using Butterfly charm, assortment of pearls and glass beads. Received numerous requests for butterfly charms and here are my favourite butterflies collection once again! An exotic piece of necklace is designed and made.
One beautiful piece ever.


Friday, February 2, 2007

::Chic:: (Sold)

Made from four pieces of acrylic chain links interlocked.
A great essential for clubbing and girls night out!
Fashionably Yours!

$12 shipped

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Promotion ending 17 Feb 2007. (Closed)

Christmas is just over. Valentines’ Day and Chinese New Year are coming! Guys, Valentines’ Day is an excellent occasion to indulge your darling with your deepest love and passion. What better way to spoil your girl than to lavish some bling on them! And Girls, isn’t it a perfect reason to dress up for these two occassions? Take a browse through our products and pages to find a range of wonderful jewelry collection and you are sure to find something suitable.

And here, we're doing our part by offering you some magnificent discounts!
  • 20% discount when you purchase 1-2 pieces.
  • 30% discount when you purchase 3 or more pieces.


Friday, January 19, 2007

the-Jewelicious Welcomes You

Hello Everyone!

Warmly welcome you to our website and hope our services would satisfy you. the-Jewelicious is a place whereby you could buy some of our exclusively handcrafted creations. That means that if you get your hands on one of our creations, you will be the only one in the world to have that pair of earrings! So it is important that you quickly place your order for that particular design!

the-Jewelicious strive to work very hard to uphold our reputation and thus constantly trying to improve to meet the needs for our dedicated customers. Sometimes there maybe some glitches however as said the-Jewelicious will always upgrade and make up for it. Last but not least, we hope you have a pleasant time surfing our site and enjoying the creations that we bring in dedicated just for you.

With Regards:

Thursday, January 11, 2007

::Mermaid's Companion:: (Sold)

Large seahorse crystal, shell-shaped pearls, red Swarovski crystal and black leaf charm with wire twisted loops. Exclusively Stunning handcrafted design. Grab it before it swims off

$29 shipped - No remakes!

::Elegante:: (Sold)

Silver textured beads adorning the top of the earrings embelished with assorted Swarovski crystals, pearls and gold chain showers. A sense of elegance and class.

$16 shipped - Only 1 stunning pair

::Clover Blossoms:: (Sold)

Specially crafted clover-designed charm topped with large iconic swarovski crystals. An exclusive piece of creation is borned with much handiwork.
No remakes

$24 shipped - Only 1 unique piece


Using pretty glass beads and cute lil plastics beads.
R E D, O R A N G E, G O L D, T W I S T E D
Doesn't it look simply deli-cious. yummy yum yum.
$ 26 shipped

::Vain Playfulness::

Using special cat charms together with red crystal beads, backed by gold earloops. A must-have for all cat lovers.
It's play time!

$16 shipped - One & Only

::Fun-Loving It::

Exotic semi-precious stones adjoined with silver stick beads.
A catchy-coloured necklace.
Fun-loving it!
$25 shipped

::Black & Gold::

Exquiste large black glass beads used specially to contrast with gold chains.
A pair of long dangling earrings is birthed.
Its a touch of mystery & class.

$15 shipped

::Entangled:: (Sold)

Golden wire twisted around large green glass beads.
Uniquely designed and patiently made.

$14 shipped


Using semi-precious stones with brown wooden beads.
A casual necklace to the sandy beach.

$22 shipped

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Some Interesting Facts about Earrings

  • An ancient mummy in the Egyptian Museum of Turin, in Italy, sports two earrings on the same earlobe — apparently starting this trend quite a while ago.

  • Some Etruscan earrings in about the 5th century B.C. had special compartments for perfume.

  • In ancient Rome, the amount of gold that could be worn — or buried along with the dead — was fixed by law.

  • When earrings fell largely out of use in Europe in the 1840s and 1850s (due primarily to a change in hairstyles that entirely covered the ears), women with pierced ears who didn't want the holes to close took to wearing simple earrings, known as "sleepers," to bed at night.

  • Pearls, unlike gemstones or precious metals, consist of organic material and can be expected to last for only about 300 years or so before decaying — which may not be a problem for you, but your great-great-great-great-etc.-grandchildren could be in for a surprise!

  • Pierced ears became so unfashionable in the 1950s that they were viewed as "socially improper" for the chic woman.

Adapted: Earrings-Earrings-Earrings.com
<http://www.earrings-earrings-earrings.com/fascinating_facts.htm >

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

::A Butterfly Affair:: (Sold)

A pair of exclusive earrings handcrafted with much effort, specially twisted with copper wires, embelished with pretty butterflies. Every piece is unique. A simple but dramatic piece, a sure stunning piece that people will not miss!

$18 shipped - Only 1 exclusive piece!

::Beautiful Mismatched::

Uniquely crafted white precious stone is further highlighted with contrasting oriental floral beads and tiny gold rings. This piece clearly portrays modern Chinois glamour at its best. Stictly no remakes!

$17 shipped

::Butterflies Delight:: (Sold)

Spring is here, so take some time to arouse your senses and take in the colours of spring and sight of butterflies all around. A sweet pair of earrings, for times when you are feeling all girly and wanna throw on a skirt.

$15 shipped

::Precia:: (Sold)

Huge textured gold beads adorning the top of the earrings embelished with assorted Swarovski crystals and teardrop pearls. This pair of earrings sure stand out against dark hair.

$15 shipped - Exclusive piece

::Sunny Side Up::

Using different types of yellow and bronze beads, all contrasted nicely to give a cheery and warm feeling! Strictly no remakes!

$14 shipped

::Oriental Blue::

Using royal blue oriental beads to contrast with gold chains.
A simple yet unique piece of necklace is created.
No remakes!

$12 shipped

::Gold is Beautiful:: (Sold)

Uniquely twisted wires within the big gold earloops, complemented with dangling turquoise and clear Swarovski crystals. Exclusively Stunning handcrafted design, eye catching wherever you go!

$18 shipped

::Feminine at Heart::

Using pink crystal beads with stunning silver metalic beads.
This ensemble is delicate and feminine!

$10 shipped

::Girly Fluer::

Exclusively designed foral beads adorning the top of the earring with classic pearls at the end.
A unique & classic looking pair of earings is created.
One unique & beautiful piece only.
$15 shipped

::Green Green Fairy Queen::

Using green Swarovski crystals with silver earloops.
A pretty pair of bohemian earrings is specially designed & made.
This lovely combination is not heavy and will dangle comfortably from your ear!

$11 shipped - Only 1 piece

Thursday, December 28, 2006

::Walking in Paris::

Using eiffel tower, with cupid charms, coloured crystal and button. An exclusive piece of creation is born with much details & handiwork. No remakes!

Cost: $25 shipped

::It's Complicated:: (Sold)

Using light orange plastics gems and twisted wires. A pretty pair of earrings is designed and carefully crafted. One unique & beautiful piece only.

$12 shipped

::Cupid Hearts::

Using classic pearls, heart crystal, cupid charm & pretty ribbons. A unique & classic looking piece of necklace is made. One unique & beautiful piece only.

$20 shipped

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

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